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in west africa. of anreally is no danger ebola epidemic in london or new city.r in a major western it's not the right kind of virus to spread that way. enough, it'sagious too easy to identify. we have to control it in west africa because it's a humanitarian crisis and it reflects our inability to we can'tiruses and if control ebola, we'll be in trouble dealing with the flu. >> thanks very much for joining us. treating ebola in america and in africa, of course, very different cases. it looks like the big mac has become a victim of global politics. tension between russia and the u.s. has grown in the past few months and several branches of mcdonald's in moscow have been closed. officially it's because of health infringements but critics of the kremlin suspect something else is going on as steve rosenburg reports. scare in --ushkin square in the heart of moscow and i remember the day, 25 years ago, when russia's first mcdonald's opened its door in the ussr. i was studying here at the time came here to join the queue. the crowds were incredible. wayqueue went all the around pushkin square
place in some 40 cities including los angeles where jennifer london is standing by with the latest. jennifer? >> reporter: well, i can tell you expectations so far not being met here at this park in south l.a. this so-called day of rage was scheduled to begin about 15 minutes ago, and we have a handful of park goers here and i counted four people that tell me they are here for this protest. we have been out here for a couple of hours, and spoke to one gentlemen about an hour ago, and he said he was just here to enjoy the park and didn't know there was a scheduled protest. and then we saw an l.a. police officer come through, and he spoke to them and they said they were here for the protest that was scheduled and they were also doing routine patrols. this time last week at this same park, there was a gathering of around 200 people, and they were here to protest the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, and they were coming together for a national moment of silence, and talking about the racial discrimination they say they all feel throughout the country. the protest, though, r
jihadists. the executioner in the video speaks with an east london accent. the u.s. air force helped the government retake the mosul dam, foley's captors sent his parents a venom filled rant via e-mail suggesting they would kill foley in response to u.s. air strikes in iraq. previously, they had asked for 100 million gryos or $132 million in ransom according to his employer at the global post. there were additional six air strikes in iraq against isis targets and 90 since august 8th. isis is still holding at least three american hostages. their lives hang in the balance tonight. >> jennifer, thank you. so what's up with the cia? isis is clearly not jv, despite president obama saying that in january of this year. now there's news of this dangerous operation totally botched because of bum intelligence, and the white house now facing some criticism for releasing details of the failed rescue mission. major general bob scales joins us. >> good evening. >> looking at this failed effort to rescue, it seems to me that they went there to do the rescue and nobody was there, which means that we
coming from places like london. i assume they are radical islamist people who believe in killing anyone who doesn't share your own look at things. what do you know about people like this fellow -- this guy who killed our american compatriot. >> they have something more in common with anders burrwick who slaughtered children in cold blood or adam lanza who went into the school in stony brook and killed children there. they have a sadistic, damaged goods mentality. add to that the availability of an international association of sadists which is what isil is. they can go there and sign up for this. it allows them license to play out their worst fantasies, to slaughter people in cold blood and add on top of it a layer of sud religious justification. that last part, the religious justification, in my view is the sort of cherry on the cake. underneath that is a sort of psych pa thick tendency you see in societies around the world but in most societies they don't have this outlet. isil invites people like that from around the world to come join them. >> that was a rich assessment. i think of t
and be able to make our streets safer. one of our london breed partners our goal to eliminate traffic fatalities we're pleased to be joined by it's executive director nicole sxhigd >> thank you all for being here and a special thanks to mayor ed lee in vision zero and supervisor tang for pedestrian safety along sunset boulevard and director reiskin and director chang and chief suhr for helping to implement vision zero. walk san francisco is a pedestrian organization we work to advocate for safer better streets in san francisco we worked with the city and our community partners to announce the goal of vision zero earlier this year and since then it's been incredible to see the city agencies that have come together and that's really important and inspiring symbol that our city staff and agencies and elected officials are dedicated to what is best for the community in this case eliminating traffic facilities in 10 years. everyday there is about one million trips taken in san francisco whether you're driving, biking over and over transit all of our trips start and end with walking unfort
has more now from london. >> the english seaside town of brighton is a far cry from battlefields of iorack, but for the family, the fighting feels close to home. >> this is abdullah, who was killed in syria. >> three young them from the family went to fight in the reare john, they left home without telling anyone to join a rebel group that is a rival of the now notorious islamic state, one son will not be coming back. >> it feels very painful, and difficult. just became 18, two days before he was killed. it was his birthday, is has his whole life in front of him. >> for more than three years the world has watched the conflict in syria, with no clear idea of how to stop the killing. it shocked and angered many, particularly in muslim communities. but equally, shocking the brutal tactics of some rebel groups like the islamic state. >> that's why many europeans were stunned to see a recruitment drive on social media, by the islamic state group. aimed at muslim men in the west. >> my goodness, living in the west, i know how you feel depressed. the cure for the depression, is you have
. chris? >> amy kellogg reporting live from london. amy, thanks for that. >>> at least 34 sailors are being kicked out of the navy for their role in a cheating ring at a nuclear power training site in south carolina. the navy says sailors cheated on qualification exams to become instructors. it says none of those involved actually handled nuclear weapons. earlier this year, a cheating scan tal in the air force nuclear missile program resulted in the firing of nine officers. >>> what president obama is and is not doing in response to the murder of an american journalist. we'll talk with the panel when [ male announcer ] when you see everyone in america almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these. ok, really attached. and that's alright. because we'll text you when your package is on the way. we're even expanding sunday package delivery. yes, sunday. at the u.s. postal service, our priority is...was... and always will >>> we'll open a criminal investigation. those who would perpetrate such acts must need to understand somet
. jacqueline london joined us live from our digital operations center with what we have uncovered about this investigation. jacqueline? >> reporter: renee, the state department of welfare released a same to nbc 10's lu ann cahn, you saw in that previous story, releasing the is a into lu ann after she made several calls to their office about this case. lu ann reached out to the first choice day care center today in south philadelphia and has several times since we first covered this story. now, heaters accident that started it all last wednesday on the gray's ferry bridge in philadelphia, a mother called us after she said her child broke his leg in this crash on the way to a field trip. the 5-year-old boy was attending first choice child care center. we have since learned six people were in a car that was designed for five. the department of public welfare cop firm it had is evaluating status of the facility's child care license. they also told us the day care is now prohibited from transporting any children by motor vehicle for any purpose. and nbc 10 has made multiple attempts to reach
does not speak arabic wu english and analysts say he sounds as if he's from the south side of london. analysts are trying to match that voice with other nonrecording of isis terrorists like this one in 2013. >> where are you? when they are slaughtering our children and our fathers. >> but the voice may also be a warning, a call to arms for sleeper cells in western nations. >> this kind of video, that energizing these kind of people and it may inspire some to carry out copy cat type of strikes in europe. i think there's doing to be real concern in the days and weeks ahead. >> the terrain and weather appears similar to what is found in most of the stark desert in syria. that may not help much now but it could prove useful. the clothing worn by foley mirrors the orange fabric of prisoners held at guantanamo bay. >> that's sending out a message, tit for tat. >> saying this video was clearly aimed at white house saying if the air strikes don't stop, another journalist will be killed, steve sotloff. >> he was doing as good as he could, according to the consensus. >> but his fate is now hig
killed. they were able to provide some quite vital information. this is a man who hails from london. a long investigation going into this inquiry. >> how concerned is it about britain's fighting alongside of chi hotties? are we talking about hundreds? >> it is turning out to be a major issue for the british government. there could be as many as four or 500 british chi hotties fighting a rock and syria. some of them may return to the u.k.. -- british jihadhis finding any rock in syria. even if the perpetrators identified, what to do about them, you mentioned that report, u.s. special forces were not able to go in and get james foley and the other hostages out. what can be done about them? >> to u.s. aid workers who contracted ebola after working in africa have recovered after receiving an external drug. they were treating patients in liberia. the missionaries were treated with the drug before being airlifted to the hospital. ebola has killed 1350 people in west africa since march. >> we are joined from washington, d.c.. this experimental drug was used on both of these american patien
trying to recruit young people, phil ittner has the latest on that from london. >> the english town of brighton is a far cry from the battlefields of iorack and syria. put the fighting feels close to home. >> three young men went to fight in ^t region, they left home without telling anyone, to join a rebel group that is a rival of the new notorious islamic state. one son will not be coming back. >> it is very painful. just became 182 days before. it was his birthday, and had his whole life in front of him. >> for more than three years the world has watched the conflict, with no clear idea on how to stop killing. it shocked and angers many, particularly in muslim communities. but ^t brutal tactics of some groups like the islamic state. >> that's why many europeans were stunned to see a recruitment drive on social media, by the islamic state group. aimed at muslim men in the west. >> my goodness. liking in the west, i know how you feel depressed, the cure for the depression, is you have to. >> for those that monitor these groups there is a real concern that fighters like those of the
. nbc 10's jacqueline london is following the new developments from our digital operation center is. jacqueline? >> reporter: renee, today's developments come after nbc 10's lu ann cahn, who you just saw, made several calls to the day care involved as well as numerous calls to the state department of public welfare. heaters accident that started it all. last wednesday, on the grays ferry brim in philadelphia, a mother called us after she said her child broke his leg in this crash on the way to a field trip. the 5-year-old boys of attending first choice child care center. we have since learned six people were in a car that was designed for five. the department of public welfare confirm it had is now evaluating the status of the facility's child care license. now, they also told us the day care is now prohibited from traps porting any children by motor vehicle for any purpose. nbc 10's lu ann cahn did reach out to the first choice day care center today and has several times since we first covered this story more than a week ago. no one at the day care would comment on the investigatio
. they said the executioner in the video speaks with a south london accent. here's iraq's ambassador to the united states. >> we know for a fact that in syria and in iraq, more europeans are on the ground. we capture, we see, we see the videos and everything else. so we know for a fact that there are european passport holders who are jihadists. as i said before, this is a -- this is a tourist destination. we need to fight that. >> reporter: there are at least three more americans being held by isis right now, harris. >> well, you know, that numb $132 million in ransom for foley, why that number? >> well, the head of global post news where foley worked said the isis captors were demanding more than $100 million. $132 million in exchange for foley. he said they hired private firms to locate him and executives paid millions to bring him home. >> we had all of the appropriate communication you would imagine. but we hope that they would listen. but obviously, the situation changed when the bombing began. >> reporter: foley's employer said there's evidence the european government paid subs
for was some smoy smog events, some instances both in london and new york where people died as a result of poor quality air. ozone is a major component of you are ban smog so that was something -- bshbshoiben smog. so they began to focus on. not in the 67 act but in the 1970 clean air act which really provides the structure and continues to provide the structure for much of our clean air act regulation today did focus on some of those what are called criteria pollutants major pollutants. host: such as? guest: ozone, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen ox yides, particulates. carbon monoxide, hired carbons were originally in the act but then subsequently it was found that hide row carbons were adequately regulated by ozone and led was added to the list of criteria pollutants. host: so as this became an effort by the federal and state to do this, what did the federal do? what did the federal impose? what did the state impose? guest: well, let me first correct something. back in 67 there was no e.p.a. guest: that's true. guest: it was created under president nixon so in those days it was health education and
in the video speaks with a south london accent. here is iraq's ambassador to the united states. >> we know for a fact that in syria and iraq, more europeans are on the ground. we capture, we see, we see individual and on twitter and everything else. we know for a fact there are european passports holders. as i said before, this is tourist, jihadist tourist destination. we need to fight that. >> there are at least three more americans being held by isis right now. melissa? melissa: wow. did they ask for ransom? that is the question that everybody is speculating on today. >> in fact they reportedly had been asking for more than $100 million for foley's release but the u.s. government wouldn't negotiate. foley's captors said they were angry about us air strikes in iraq. they sent his parents a venom-filled rant by email suggesting they would kill foley in response. here is what james foley's employer from the global post said today. >> we had all of the appropriate communication you would imagine including with them. but, we hope that they would listen. obviously the situation changed when th
being held by british jihadist. the executioner in the video speaks with a south london accent. >> we know for a fact that in syria and in iraq more european are there on the ground. we capture, we see the video and twitter and everything else. so e we know for a fact there are european passport holders who are jihadists. this is a tourist destination. we need to fight that. >> there are at least three more americans being held by isis right now, gretchen. >> we have heard so much about this ransom. that started trickling out last night. what more do you know about that today? >> the captors reportedly had been asking for more than $100 million for foley's release but the u.s. government wouldn't negotiate. they said they were angry about air strikes in iraq. they sent his parents a rant via e-mail suggesting they would kill foley in response. here's what foley's employer told fox and friends this morning. >> we had all the appropriate communication you would imagine, and we hoped they would listen. obviously, the situation changed when the bombing began. >> there were an additional s
with a british accent. we have more from london on that, and phil, what do we know about that investigation, and frankly, what are exactly are these investigators really looking for? >> morgan, they're looking at some evidence from the tape of the eyes, they're looking at vocal recognition. the date base here in the uk for 500 british citizens that are in the region, and traveled to and from the region, and they may have in fact joined the islamic state group. and they will be looking at that. it will be interesting to note that the accent used by the masked man who killed james foley, is clearly a southern england accent, from around where we are now, from london and further south. and it's believed that this is one of those foreign fighters from the islamic communities here who traveled to take part in the fighting in the region. >> it sounds like this is not an isolated incident. and according to some, 500 british citizens have been recruited to fight for the islamic state. so what is the government doing to stem this tide? >>> well, margaret, they are gravely concerned about this, and t
a ringleader of a group of british jihadists known as the beatles. joining me now from london is our atika shubert. what are you learning about the man suspected of being foley's execution executioner? >> reporter: we know the government is speckally loifica looking at that video, analyzing it. they've tracked hundreds of jihadists that have gone there to fight. they're looking at their records, seeing if any of these descriptions match. and this is the key. in fact, britain's former counterterror chief here, richard barrett, gave an interview with the bbc in which he said, quote, they, meaning the community here, may be able to identify him. i think the community will be able to recognize this person, and i'm sure many in the community will be keen to do so. there have been an estimated 400 to 500 young men, but also a few women that have gone to syria to fight. and i've actually spoken to a lot of family members who have children there, and they are worried. they don't want their children there. and every time one of these propaganda videos shows up, they fear, you know, that this could
on the identity of the masked man. amy kellogg is in london with more on that. >> reporter: the biggest tip comes from a former hostage who recognized the killer in the gruesome video. the hostage told the guardian newspaper that the man went by the name of john and was part of a terrorist that captives called the beatles because they were britain. >> they had a leadership role in guarding the foreign prisoners who are valuable to the islamic state organization. and 11 are released after ransom demands were made. details have not been disclosed. >> another former hostage. and he was held with james foley in syria and he recognized him as john. foley had been treated worse than other captors because he was an american and because his brother was in the air force. the uk government believe that 500 british citizens have gone over to fight in iraq and syria. one other member of parliment said the number is closer to 2,000 and so the fear is not so much about them traveling to other countries, it is the fear, brits do that returning jihadist will carry out attacks on british soil. intelligence servic
, and the skies of london, there to visit the london gliding club, decided to put on a show for the guys. >> oh, my gosh. what a show. you know, how do you top that? what do you do? do they make him president of the london gliding club now? awesome. >>> growing up as kids, even as adults, we want superpowers. we want to fly. guess what? now you might be able to have superpowers. it's tech time. zach, our science guy, his superpower? science knowledge. this is less about flying and more about staying connected to technology. >> this is myo, wearable technology, arm band here. put it on your arm, and it uses emg, sends currents through your muscles and has a center to detect how you move your arms. it's able to detect gestures. you control things like your computer, smart phone, and the creators of this announced they partnered with different companies to let them work with smart glasses. they are marketing this as something great for workers who have jobs out in the field all day, it's a hassle if they have to pull up the phone or get to a computer. >> instead of going like this while you take n
that the suspect has a distinctive london accent. videooup isil released a of his murder with a promise to kill another hostage if airstrikes continue in iraq. more concerns this noon over the growing crisis in the middle east. at least six people including three senior hamas leaders were killed overnight in an israeli airstrike over the gaza strip. a six-they temperatures collapsed into heavy fighting -- six date every truce collapsed into heavy fighting after talks broke down. >> we turn now to a developing story in prince george's county. police just released details about the murder of amber stanley. >> the 17-year-old was shot and killed inside her bedroom two years ago tomorrow while she was sleeping. more from police and stanley's mother. >> one day shy of the two-year anniversary of the 17-year-old amber stanley's murder, prince george's county police say this is the strongest the case has ever been. in a press conference, they andrviewed over 100 people devoted thousands of man-hours to try to find stanley's killer. they reiterated that this was not a random murder, but there was no in
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jihadist, the executioner speaks with a self london accent and is left-handed. >> for fact in syria and iraq more are on the ground. we see some videos and everything else, so we know for a fact european passport holders. as i said before, this is a tourist destination. we need to fight them. molly: there are at least three more americans been held by isis in syria right now. molly: thank you. jon: to the white house i now facing questions about the timing of the closure of the failed rescue attempt in syria. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent live at martha's vineyard where the president is on vacation. >> the president counterterrorism advisor says a white house revealed the mission because several news agencies found out about it and were going to report on it anyway, but sharp criticism for people who say it gave too much information to isis even though several isis people were killed in the failed rescue attempt, so the group was aware of it anyw anyway. john bolton had other reasons he feels should have been kept secret. >> as it tells people what we were trying
london, right? >> that's correct, i mean officials here have been very tight lipped about whether or not they have any possibility leads as to the identity of this individual who appeared in the video who they according to local media reports had an establish accent. there are also anecdotal -- and held captive with james foley that in fact some of those that were holding those foreign hostages did include british nationals or at least those believed to be british nationals according to this hostage. there have been no clear indications as to who may have been involved in that video, but more importantly, you could certainly expect in the coming days or weeks that the intelligence communities both in the west and u.s. will aggressively try to identify who this individual might have been and really they have in the course of the last several months identified about 500 to 700 foreign nationals who have joined the fight inside syria and they're certainly going to be looking on that list. >> and regarding air strikes by the united states, we know that in the video, members of isis ha
addition. carson daley and his fiancee welcomed a baby girl last night. london rose daley weighed in 8 pounds, 11 ounces and measured 22 inches long. she already has a playmate. savannah guthrie and her hus welcomed their baby last week. her is glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> showers and thunderstorms developing during the afternoon. even more showers coming in friday. we'll see if they dry out over the weekend. >> thanks, glenn. thank you for watching i'm renee chenault-fattah with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. have a great day. we'll see you at 4:00. >> lucas: so basically it was a good trip. and sheryl says to say hello. >> jordan: oh, you saw sheryl. that's good. >> lucas: yeah. yeah, that's about all she had to say that wasn't business. >> jordan: oh, i'm sorry. >> lucas: well, except to give you and rafe her very best. what? what, did i say something wrong? >> jordan: there is no me and rafe anymore. >> ben: rafe... i owe you an apology. >> clyde: well, thank yofo coming out to meet me, kate. >> kate: yes, well, i am pressed for time, though. so you said you wanted to
to the united states without visas. so they can get on a plane in london, they won't be stopped at immigrations and who knows what they could do from there. it's a serious terrorist threat. and as long as this war goes on against isis, the threat will rise. >> do you think you'll see policy change with that, with visas? do you think you'll see anything change? >> i would change it. i think everybody coming into the united states, like a lot of countries, we should know exactly who they are. there should be full traces on them. we have to do police checks and the rest of it. and if they come up naked, you know, with britain, you just don't let them in. it's not very nice, but i don't see a better way to change this. and we also have to look at mexico. that border is wide open. and i'm told by sources in washington, they're really afraid that isis members, without british passports, are coming across that border, coming in. what they're capable of doing, i don't know. but it is a concern of washington. >> to be sure. bob baer, security analyst for us here, thank you so much. we should also point
. >> is this a sandwich? >> sandwich. >> thank you. >> grouchy treatment of customers is bad for business. london has already taken -- overtaken paris in visitor numbers. the paris chamber of commerce has launched a campaign to counteract the situation. where necessary, staff or teaching parisians to be more friendly and perfect the fine art of the smile. >> chinese visitors prefer to spend their time shopping rather than eating, so there's no need to be irritated if they just order something simple from the menu and then leave. it does not mean they are not happy. they are just operating on a tight schedule. if you are able to say a couple of words in their language, it pleases them because they can see you are really making an effort. >> but the restaurant owner does not come across as a willing learner. his customers and the average parisian are worlds apart. >> asian tourists, whether they come from japan or china, have their mobile loans glued to their hands -- mobile phones glued to their hands. you cannot talk to them, and you cannot tell if they enjoyed what they ate because they always just
, some instances both in london and new york where people died as a result of poor quality air. ozone is a major component of urban smog and so that bass was something the epa began to focus on pretty early on, not specifically in the '67 act but in the 1970 clean air act which really provides the structure andy continues to provide the structure for much of our clean air act regulation today, did focus on some of those, what are called criteria pollutants, major pollutants. >> host: such as? >> guest: ozone, nitrogen oxides. particulates. carbon monoxide. hydrocarbons originally were in the act but subsequently it was found hydrocarbons were adequately regulated by ozone. and lead was added to the list of criteria pollutants. >> host: if this became effort by the federal and state to do this, what did the federal do, what did the federal impose, what did the state impose? >> guest: let me first just correct something that robin said. back in '67 there was no epa. >> guest: that's true. >> guest: environmental protection agency was created by president nixon. it was health -- >> gue
and really grab a global audience? there will be a team in london at some point. the opinions differ. >> an nfl team in london? the jaguars have been playing a lot of. >> the experts i talked to differ on whether it will succeed. it won't just be london's team. from the nfl perspective, it will be europe's team. now you are talking about a global market. if you are stuck in the u.s. market, i'm not sure about the long-term growth of the nfl. >> you talk about billionaires into buying these teams. what about corporate ownership? >> we have seen corporate ownership getting in the way of the teens. let's trim back on the spending of the football team because this is happening. >> and it may continue to happen as best in other sports. we have bud selig, the commissioner, retiring. aseball has been historically club, a private club, or sometimes the highest did doesn't necessarily win the eventual ownership of the team which has to frustrate sellers because you need to get a signoff from the commissioner. >> obviously, that is what basketball is like as well. usually, if you say something
in the balance. i want to bring in cnn's atika shubert based in london. let's talk about the search for this terrorist with the british accent. >> well, he's got a very distinct accent there. actually we've spoken to a number of linguistic experts who say this is someone who has grown up in britain at a young age, ar it tick cue late and educated by the use of his words, they say possibly from the south of england, even the london area, although clearly, you know, that -- there are a lot of areas may have that same type of accent. this is what the government is now doing, scrutinizing that video, looking for any clues that might tell them who this man and who else might be out there with him. >> this terror cell he supposedly leads, we don't know, supposedly, it's called the beatles. what do you know about them? >> well, this is something that came out in "the guardian" newspaper here and they say that they've spoken to a number of other people who have -- who were held by this group known as the beatles, and they're called the beatles because they're a group of young british jihadi
his voice with what british authorities call a distinctive london accent. >> you have plotted against us and gone far out of your way to find reasons to interfere in our affairs. >> reporter: the director. of the fbi said he is determined to find foley's killers. >> these savages have turned it into a homicide investigation. >> reporter: and there are new details today about foley's harsh treatment while in captivity provided to abc news by one of his former fellow hostages, french journalist nicolas henin. >> he was kind of a scapegoat. every time there would be a round of kicks and punches, he would get a bit more than the others typically. >> reporter: of the several u.s. hostages, foley was picked as the first to be executed. his kidnappers sent word to his family and bosses at "globalpost" last week that they intended to kill him. >> we responded to it and pleaded with them not to take that action. clearly they didn't listen to us. >> reporter: as the outrage over the scene spreads across the world, the vatican said pope francis intends to call foley's parents today to offer his
fear in the history of the world for you. the annual weigh-in is under way at the london zoo. all animals of all shapes and animals are being measured and weighed. it's just like with people an animal's weight is an important measure of health and the animals in captivity love to get heavier because we love feeding them. >> i figured they just did that but i guess not. >> 17,000. >> yeah, i am not the only one that's the worst fear. a lot of other women line up. >>> ahead, picking up the tab by picking up your phone. we will show you why you may not have to hand over your credit card or wait for the check at a restaurant. that's next on "cbs this morning." it's our annual clearance event, it only happens once a year. super fun. of course you can get a great deal. hold on. 0% apr financing on a bunch of models. annual and it's right now. they're having fun. you can get all kinds of deals. come on down. yeah, you better hurry in. you tell'em jan sent you. during toyota's annual clearance event, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2014.5 camry. offer ends september 2nd.
news. >> yay!g, >> yay! >> we have welcomed little litt london rose into the world. wor. lou cute is that?s that? i think a lot of people expected there to happen last week. there to happen last week. london rose comes in, goes right into 2nd grade. grade. congratulation, we will hear l from carson a little later on.e. >> meanwhile, let's get right to this breaking news, a news a ne conference scheduled for later from morning. dwab gutierrez is in atlanta. >> this is the day dr. kent brantly and his family and people around the world have been waiting for. we are told he is expected to walk out of the hospital later today. as for the other american ebola patients, doctors plan to update us on the status of nancy wherebol's discharge. it has been almost three weeks since dr. kent brantly walked into emory hospital in atlanta, still in grave condition after being diagnosed with ebola in liberia. health officials made the controversial decision to bring him back to the u.s. >> he has been working to maintain the safety of the patients in the hospital as well as the general public. >>
and arrive in london someday. to carry out a terrorist act there or in fact uses a british passport, if he has one, which he probably does to come to the united states. so i think that's the real concern there. >> the u.s. made at least one attempt that we know of to rescue james foley and other hostages, we don't even know how many, for ransom, for political pressure, whatever you want to call it. from what we know about isis, what they're next move after this televised murder, which was from their perspective, i presume, successful. >> it was successful, this is you know a propaganda boost for them. in the shoerrt-term, i mean i really do believe that most people including people in the middle east are horrified by this. isis is losing ground in iraq. kurdish fighters are being held by american air strikes. but i think they could kill steven sotloh, f. it's just a horrific situation, they are wrong, people get angry at governments for not having a coordinated response, but the primary problem here are the kidnappers that have created this horrible situation and what they did to jim foley
a brookings fellow who joins me from london and white house correspondent phil mattingly. phil, first of all, tell us about this attempt. more than two dozen u.s. troops set foot on syrian ground for what turned out to be a failed operation. >> that's right. than two dozen u.s. personnel representing every branch of the u.s. military, most notably special operations forces, did set foot on syria based on several streams of intelligence, including people i have spoken to. when they got there, they did not find the u.s. prisoners, including james foley and two or three other americans. they found multiple islamic state militants. a firefight ensued. there was a wounded u.n. -- u.s. military personnel during the process. the u.s. says multiple islamic state militants were killed. it was a failed operation, but not a catastrophic failure. the administration did not want this out. concern that the public distribution of this operation could threaten that operation or hostages that have been taken. , news outlets felt they had no other option than to report this late last night. kidnappingon is th
in london. only 19 degrees in berlin. warsaw where you will see rain, you will also see only a high of 15 degrees coming up for our thursday. here's a look at the forecast for north america. a couple of low pressure systems to talk about. one is located in the upper midwest. because of a secondary low, down toward the south, it's pumping in some warm air and that's the focal point for some flash flooding possibilities near the great lakes area. we have another low, low cated towards toronto that's going to bring rain. new york you will see rain coming up for thursday. high of 26 degrees. 30 degrees in d.c. and down towards the south, in the deep south, we are seeing some very high temperatures and high humidity, heat indices to around 40 degrees or so. please make sure you take precautions if you're spending time outdoors. look at the hoys as we take a look for the next few days. way above average for st. louis, tallahassee, mobile into memphis. stay hydrated and stay indoors if possible. we wrap things up with a look at east asia. this low pressure system bringing high levels of precipit
commissioner hyde to have someone from london breed's office who is the author of the legislation here before you to talk about this file regulating mechanical amusement device and arcades so he's here now if you want him to do this and then i can resume the rest of my director's report. >> great. >> thank you director kane and commissioners. i will keep this as short as i can and happy to answer any questions but by way of background the entertainment commission staff originally brought this issue to us. ms. blackstone sent us information about a business in district 5 in the upper haight and a t shirt screen printing shop that added a number of arcade games and ran into problems with the planning and police code and actually solicited support from their customers and users of the arcade games and it's a great business. we know it well. supervisor breed knows it well and we want to support it so we read through the operative portion of the police code and 6,000 words dating back to 1982 when there were concerns that arcades were over returning the neighborhoods and corrupting the youth a
, thank you very much. >> we want to go live to phil ittner in london, because, phil, british intelligence agencies are now investigating the killings of james foley. what are they looking for in that video? >> well, stephanie, first and foremost, it's clear that the accent that that man in the video used is a southern resident of england. they're looking at that kind of region including london and the surrounding areas, looking at facial recognition for what they can see in particularly the eyes, vocal recognition. they are also putting out pleas to the islamic community, anybody who may think they are related to this man or an quaint to answer of his should get in touch. that is reported by islamic leaders here. they are checking a data face of 500 citizens they believe have gone to the region to fight in the conflict there. >> based on that estimate, hundreds of british muslims recruited to fight for the islamic state. how concerned is the british government? >> deeply concerned. prime minister david cameron has said that the threat from these individuals who go to that region is paramo
for tat sanctions between russia and the west. >>> it's midday london, 7:00 a.m. washington, 2:00 p.m. mosul dam northern iraq where united states has continued air strikes a day after islamic state released a horrific video showing the killing of journalist james foley. security forces confirmed to bbc the family of james foley received an angry e-mail apparently from captors about a week before he was beheaded. the e mail said he was going to be killed in retaliation for air strikes from the u.s. military. the sl what could drive someone towards extreme views by someone expressed by the islamic state? we have been speaking to a british recruit to i.s. who shares views intolerable to majority but strongly held. you may find his comments distressing. >> who is this man? yesterday we saw him kill american journalist james foley. he's apparently british which we know little else. his actions condemned by so many have been praised by fellow members of the islamic state. i've been speaking to two british jihadists today about their reaction to the video. they both told me they believed
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british authorities call the hooded man's london accent. >>> military sources tell a failed attempt to rescue foley was carried out by u.s. special forces over july 4th weekend. foley's bosses say they never took it seriously. it was the demand for more than $100 million ransom to spare foley's life. >>> well, u.p.s. is warning that some of its customers' credit and debit information may have been exposed about i a computer virus. thousands of transactions are at risk. but the company says it is not aware of any fraud due to the attack. >>> and we are learning new details about robin williams' final resting place. the death certificate says williams was cremated and his ashes were scattered on his beloved san francisco bay according to online reports. >>> well, tennessee high school senior kendra turner says she was suspended after saying "bless you" to a friend who sneezed in class. school officials claim she shouted it across the classroom disrupting the lesson. all right. >>> finally, kids are apparently getting less from the tooth fairy these days. new research by visa says that
years. really impressive. >>> ahead on "cbs this morning," a big check-up at the london zoo. find outut why they are weighing every single animal this >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener at 8" sponsored by panera bread. introducing new flatbread sandwiches in three bold, new flavors. >>> a powerful hobby is drawing a new crowd. >> you think women are afraid of guns? think again. i'm jan crawford. coming up on "cbs this morning," why more women than ever before are taking up shooting as a sport. ♪ there's lots of choices and each of us has a favorite. like chocolate honey nut there's no artificial colors or flavors. that's good. and it's gluten free. so we're jumping for joy cause it's full of what we love, free of what we don't. and that makes for one very happy family. chex. full of what you love. free of what you don't. if you can clear a table without lifting a finger... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddl
and natalie morales. savannah enjoying time with vale. and carson has welcomed little london rose into the world. how cute is that? i think a lot of people expected this to happen last week. it was a little late. london rose goes right into second grade, which is fantastic. anyway, congratulations. we're going to hear from carson a little later on. >> very exciting. >>> meanwhile, let's get right to this breaking news. the two americans who contracted the ebola virus being discharged. a news conference scheduled for later this morning. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in atlanta. this is really good news, gabe. good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. after an emotional journey, this is the day dr. kent brantly, his family and well wishers from around the world have been waiting for. he'll told that he will walk out of this hospital later today. and as for the other american ebola patient, nancy writfol, they'll update us on her. he surprised the world by walking into emory university hospital after being diagnosed with ebola in liberia. health officials made the controversial decisi
in may. berlin end the may, and the final race in london's battersly park in june. it sounded good to the donnington spectators. >> it's like a jet plane. the sound is unreal. >> a leg as si of electric vehicles, oil consumption, co2 down and job creation. they'll need sustainable interest in the racing. >>> and that's if from me. >>> thank you. we have heard singing. now a bit of dance. the tango international festival is held in the home. the tango, of course, the capital of argentina, buenos aires. [ ♪ music ] >> more than 600 couples are there from 41 different countries are there, taking place in the world championship titles. the winners got 7,000. so good incentive to do well, isn't it. how is your tangoing? >> on the stream, >> the usda pulls 770 inspectors from poultry processing plants. join us on the stream to find out what that means for your food safety. >> the stream on al jazeera america >> breaking news this morning, an american doctor who contracted ebola in africa will soon be going home. the very latest on his recovery. >> we can glee a group like isil has no
single ever, fine, but if you want to add up all of the jpmorgan finds together, the london well, the housing, etc., somewhere up north of $20 billion. >> be of a has already paid $55 million in legal fees tied to $55 billion in legal fees tied to home loans. >> where does the money go? >> i am glad you bring this up. keri geiger of bloomberg in the 7:00 hour. >> one quick note as well. federal prosecutors were putting a lawsuit against countrywide founder angelo mozilla. check in with allison williams later on on be of a's troubles and how it stems from the countrywide purchase. carl icahn at it again. the activist investor taking another big state in the company, this time it is first, the car rental company. he wants to meet with the company, may look to get a place on the board. he wants to discuss accounting issues and operational failure. >> what was the difference that you just said between kirsten avis?- hertz and ght dollar thrifty, sailed up 6% since then, avis by contract up by 71%. x i do not have a drivers license. >> why not? >> i live in new york. can i ask a dumb
a place like london than it is in a place like new york or chicago. they have a tremendous problem in europe, and as isis grows, the problem in europe is only going to grow. >> that's a terrifying thought and really brings to light the fact that it makes the question of what should president obama do, what should u.s. policy be? >> yeah. >> makes it even that much more difficult. always good to have have you. appreciate it so much. >> thank you. >>> a turn to bleacher report and get a check on your sports news. andy has more for us this morning. >> good morning, kate. little league world series in its final stretch and so far 13-year-old mo'ne davis, she's been the talk of williamsport, pennsylvania. she even landed on this week's "sports illustrated" cover, but, you know, as we know that's not always a good thing because of the dreaded "s.i." curse. a huge crowd was on hand last night to watch mo'ne pitch in a semifinals game. early on, she was just mowing batters down. mo'ne struck out six in 2 1/3, but in the end the big bats from las vegas were just too good. they got the win,
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